Your surgery is done, and now it’s time to focus on pain control and recovery. Most people can expect to have some pain after surgery. But it should never be unbearable. Your doctor wants you to be comfortable enough to take deep breaths and move as needed. This will help your recovery.

What will I feel?

What kinds of pain are common after surgery? Well, you can have pain at your surgical site, of course. But you can also have things like throat pain, muscle pain and pain when you move. You may not be expecting to feel these types of pain. But they are normal.

Pain control techniques

It’s important to tell your doctors and nurses about what you’re feeling. There are several options for keeping pain under control. You can take pain medications by mouth. A nerve block or an epidural can give longer-lasting relief. You may be hooked to a patient-controlled pump. With it, you push a button to get pain medicine through your IV line as needed. A combination of these things may work best for you.

Other options

Your doctor may also suggest ways to manage pain without medications. Guided imagery and other relaxation methods are helpful for many people. Ask if there’s a relaxation channel you can watch on TV. Make sure you’re in the proper position in bed. And change positions when you’re supposed to. Use pillows to provide plenty of support.


And finally, speak up if you feel that your pain is not under control. Your doctor will make sure you’re as comfortable as possible.